Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Coming Home!

So happy to be bringing this baby home from the hospital to the townhouse that I have brought all my other kids home to! We are feeling extremely blessed to have Trey and cant wait to see how Hallie and Carter are with him!

Meeting Trey!

Hallie and Carter were so excited to meet their new baby brother and were surprised to get a present from him as well. They got some toys and badges that said Big Sister and Big Brother on them! Grandma Mills and Mamma Griffeth were there to meet Trey as well!

He's Here!!!

Trey Christian Mills was born on July 24th 2012 at 7:09 pm. He weighed 8 pounds, 1 ounce and was 19 1/2 inches long. He is so perfect (even with an extra little finger on his left hand)!

  The baby story: I had been having contractions all day and they were finally strong enough to go to St Marks hospital by about 5:30pm. I was dilated to a 5. After being hooked up to fluids and about a half hour of pretty hard contractions, I was able to get my epidural. Little did I know, it was not going to be able to catch my pain. It took the edge off for me (ie. I couldn't feel the contractions in my legs and back), but didn't work like the others I had. By 7:00 pm I was at a 10 and feeling pressure to push. That was the most pain I have ever been in in my life!!! I only pushed 2 or 3 times, per the norm and Trey was welcomed into the world by his daddy cutting the cord. I would not have made it through the whole thing without my loving husband by my side. After we made it to the recovery room, I had started getting a headache. It progressively got worse and worse and the medicine they gave me wouldn't even touch the headache. I found out that it was caused by my epidural and the spinal fluid was leaking. The only way for your body to fix it self is to lay flat on your back which relieves the headache and causes the spinal fluid to hopefully plug the whole it is leaking from. Unfortunately it didn't repair itself, so I had to get a blood patch done. They take blood from your arm and insert it into the site of the epidural so the blood will close the whole instead. It was almost immediate relief for about 24 hours and then the headache started back up again on friday night. Last night, my amazing hubby and awesome brother, Brian, gave me a blessing. That has totally helped, and hopefully, my body will still heal itself. The lucky part about the whole thing is that Trey is such a great little baby and has been a trooper. He is such a joy to have here and we couldn't love him more!!!

Hallie's 6th Birthday Party

Happy 6th Birthday, Hallie! She chose a Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party, and, me being 9 months pregnant, did not object! And look at all the family that was able to come and play and eat... it was really fun! She loved it!

4th Of July Parade

Happy Independence Day!  Every 4th of July, we go to the Granite Parade! It is a small parade, but it is just right for us! We love going and spending time with the Mills side, too!

Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten graduation program was a success! Thanks for coming, Judy (aka. Grandma)!

A Broken Wrist and Elbow

One wet day, at Kindergarten, Hallie was attempting the (equally wet) monkey bars and slipped right off them. The landing was not great nor graceful and caused her to break her right wrist and elbow! After a trip to the doctor's office, which included x-rays, we were told to take her to Primary Children's Hospital for further treatment. We stayed there over night and in the morning, our sweet Hallie went into surgery for her broken elbow. We are happy to report that after 3 pins, a week in a soft cast and 4-5 weeks in a hard cast, all will be healed!! Our sweet girl was so brave and such a trooper!