Friday, September 9, 2011

More Hallie

Hallie, Hallie, and More Hallie! Its a good thing she is so dang cute and that we love her so much! (We love Carter so much too, but he will get some posts of just him soon!) Here are her 5 year old pictures that leave me speechless every time I look at the. And I never get tiered of looking at the either! A special shout out goes to Brooke... you are a wonderful photographer! Your pictures never cease to amaze and I am so lucky to have you as my friend! Thank you, again for these pictures of my perfect big 5 year old!

Hallie's Tangled Party

Pictures coming soon....

Hallie's Lalaloopsy Party

So, a low key birthday turned into 2 parties with 2 seperate themes and 2 different groups of people.... I know, I know, I'm CRAZY!!! But it turned out really well... even when it started to rain and we had to do half the party inside! This party was a Lalaloopsy party with Lalalicorice, Lalalollypops and Lalalemonaide. We had a slip and slide, a little pool of water, water balloons and squirt toys to take home. Those in attendance included: Minie and Poppy Jackson, Bo White, Jillian Sachs, Porter LeBaron, Debbie and Anna Dooley, Katelin and Morgan Grudzinski, Logan Nordhoff, and Annie Lofgren. Hallie had such an amazing time with her friends and LOVED all the gifts that her friends were so generous to bring. We hope that all her friends had a great time and thank you to all the parents of these amazing kids! We love you all!!

While we were gone

Pictures to come......


Pictures to come........

The Mills Kids

Every year we try to take pictures of all the grand kids as a gift to Judy. This year didn't go as well as it usually does. First, as you can tell, Brayden (the youngest of the group) was not too happy to be there. We didn't get a single picture that he was happy in... In fact, he was crying in all of them. But that makes the picture what it is and we wouldn't change that memory for anything. Second, this was the last day in April, so we expected really great weather... or not! It was SO cold, as you can see from the red noses and cheeks and the wind would not stop, as you can tell by Hallie's hair in all the pictures. Third, we had a hard time finding a great place to do the pictures and with 7 kids in tow, you kindda have to just pick a spot and go with it! So this is what we got... not as great as last year and we can only hope that next years are a little better... But I still love the tradition, the memories and the cute Mills' kids!!!

Day At The Park

We met grandma and grandpa (or grandpa and grandpa as Carter likes to call them) at the park. We had so much fun playing on the playground and throwing the Frisbee!
Grandpa is so nice to let Carter man climb all over him and give him a "pony ride"!

Dad is the best at frisbee, but the kids think they are pretty great at it too! Hallie likes to give everyone lessons on how to throw it! In fact, she told dad that she wanted to give Grandma lessons... She didn't really need them, but Hallie wanted to teach someone!!!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for being such awesome grandparents to our kids! They sure love you two!